Our Competitive Edge

 • Our Team of more than 25 years of experience in Design & Build and Building Construction industry. MingSia Construction track records in commercial building industry: (just to name a few)


Completed the 1st Bomb Blast Structure for Singapore’s Resort World Sentosa – RWS in 2009.





Completed the façade wall claddings at Orchard ION – 2007




• In-house QP (Qualified Person), PE (Professional Engineer), architect, acoustic/light/landscape consultants to provide a Holistic Architecture design approach for your project.

• Own Metal work & Wood work factories and in-house skilled and experienced workers and carpenters.

• Strictly adhere to use of good quality materials and providing excellent workmanships.

• Timely and accurate forecast for completion of projects with quality assurance. Able to adapt to early completion for TOP projects.

• Create Environmental-Friendly / GREEN proposals to value add to clients’ properties.

• Adding GREEN value to end-product while reducing environmental pollution issues.

• Constant update of “GREEN” materials and practices to be suggested to clients.

• Act within the means of clients’ spending power with regard to implementation of “Utilities-Saving” methods.

• Abilities to accommodate clients’ requests with reasonable budget.

• Abilities to provide clients with design & build construction feasibility studies with costing consultation advice.

• Strive towards gaining recognition of clients’ properties by authorities and media.

• Providing extraordinary post-product services whenever required.